Serve between 6 – 8º C

Light in body and appearance, with light and persistent, pure white foam obtained by natural means.

This beer presents a golden, clean and transparent color despite being unfiltered.

Fine aroma of Manchego fields can be sensed, provided by the pale malt grown in our land, combined with rich fruity flavors and nuances, somewhat marked by the sweet malt, and low bitterness of mild aromatic hops.

This is a beer very easy to drink, and appropriate for all age groups.

ABV / Alcohol %4,8
EBC / Color12


Indisputable ally of salads, pastas, rice, fried dishes, pork meat, oily fish, eggs with liquid yolk, vegetables with sweetish leave, and any dish requiring cleansing of the palate.



Water, barley malt, wheat malts, oats , hops and yeast


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